becoming a foster parent:


Fostering is when you take a rescue dog into your home and give him/her food, shelter, and love. By doing this you not only save your foster from being in a shelter and at risk of being killed, but you also open up a cage at the shelter for another dog to stay in. This is a great way to make an impact with out making a long term commitment or draining out your pockets. Your home becomes the transitional period from shelter life to home life. Sometimes a pet only needs a place to stay for a few days, others need to learn how to live in a household, build trust, and become more adoptable. It's very rewarding to see the journey of a dog/cat and knowing that because of you, they were given a second chance at a great life.


As a foster parent, we provide a bed, toys, and a crate. We take care of all vet and transportation costs. We encourage fosters to provide food but if not, we can supply that as well. (Fostering is tax deductible so save any receipts.) Other than that, you only need love and time!


One of the most common concerns is having to say goodbye when a foster gets adopted. Is it sad? Yes. It is worth it? ABSOLUTELY! It's all about looking at the big picture. With out you, your foster may never have found their happy ending. Yes, you could adopt them and live happily ever after. Often times, this does happen. There are only a certain amount of pets you can adopt before your house is full and you can no longer take in the needy. By fostering, you can help countless animals! By letting go of your previous foster, you are able to take in another that needs you. Here's a true story to help paint the picture a little:

Prior to becoming the Founder of ADRI, Alyssa was a dedicated Foster Mom. In the Fall of 2014 she took in a dog who came from a hoarding situation. His name was Jasper and he was extremely fearful. Through patience, love, and lots of work, Alyssa helped Jasper break out of his shell, become more confident, and even taught him how to play! As you could imagine, their bond grew quite strong in the 4 months she had him. An older couple came along and wanted to adopt Jasper. It was a perfect fit! They were retired with a quiet home and had experience with fearful dogs. The thought of giving Jasper up made Alyssa sad but she knew that Jasper had found a place to go and that there was another dog out there that needed her help. A few weeks after Jasper had gone to his forever home, Alyssa came across a dog named Raven who was scared and very skinny. Had Alyssa kept Jasper, she would have never been able to help Raven who she also grew to love.